Posted by: craigtech | January 10, 2010

I read about this boxee alternative from the xconomy feed ( earlier today when I was away from home & rushed back to try it out.  An internet TV aggregator with a yahoo widget, exactly what I was looking for!

Sadly, I shouldn’t have bothered – the windows application looks very dated & I haven’t been able to get the yahoo widget.

The proposition is good – a profile in the cloud that you can share across all your devices, including your tv, and this is still a beta, so I expect it’ll improve, but right now I’m stuck downloading what I want onto a memory stick & plugging it into the tv.  It’s 2010 guys!  How about a neat silverlight/air client, rather than the current clunky interface?

As for the yahoo tv widget I’m yet to be convinced on this platform – again, the idea is great but I’ve yet to get anything useful out of it – a boxee or zinc tv widget, or even netflix or hulu directly that give access to the plethora of internet tv is exactly what I want in the living room, but it’s not there yet.  It’s probably not even zinc’s fault but who do you contact when these things aren’t working?  Who’s accountable for the experience?  The TV manufacturer, yahoo or the widget author?  Who controls what widgets are available for me to enable?


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