Posted by: craigtech | March 10, 2010

Mobile web application acid test

For me the acid test for any mobile webservice revolves around how much value I can get from an application in around 5 minutes: I need to be able to sign up, logon & get some noticable benefit from it in the time it takes me to queue, order & wait for a coffee (or my favourite time – while sat on the toilet) for it to catch my attention & warrant further investigation.

Yesterday I attempted to start using gowalla & imeem as alteratives to foursquare &; both were tested as native android apps on a HTC hero running Android 2.1

The sign up process on gowalla was a bit verbose with a few more fields than I would have liked, but it completed ok & I was online in a minute or so. Unfortunately despite the fact that foursquare had picked up my location & offered locations gowalla wasn’t able to (maybe due to all that sxsw traffic?). FAIL.

The sign in form on imeem was better, although not sure why it needs my sex & DOB, but when submitting the form I get “account creation failed.” – no more info on the problem so not sure if it’s connectivity, invalid data or whatever else. FAIL.

Looks like I’m sticking to foursquare & for now!


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