A microsoft focused software architect focused on delivering robust scalable applications into the travel industry.  Currently focusing on selling systems for the UK, US & Canadien Travel Agency markets; connecting Travel Agents to the widest range of suppliers in the market.

I have a particular interest in improving the development process, especially through agile development pratcices, and in particular automated testing & frequent/continuous integration.

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  1. Hi, i saw your article about DotnetOpenAuth
    Do you know how to integrate Dotnetopenauth with Foursquare?

    PrepareRequestUserAuthorization has HTTP 400 exception.

    Why we use diffrent parametres in this method?
    Looks like you have a good knowledge of dotnetopenauth/please help me
    public static void RequestAuthorization(WebConsumer consumer, Applications requestedAccessScope)
    if (consumer == null)
    throw new ArgumentNullException(“consumer”);

    var extraParameters = new Dictionary {
    { “scope”, GetScopeUri(requestedAccessScope) },
    Uri callback = Util.GetCallbackUrlFromContext();
    // var request = consumer.PrepareRequestUserAuthorization(callback, extraParameters, null);
    var request = consumer.PrepareRequestUserAuthorization(callback, null, null);

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